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Avalon Hill

Luftwaffe (used)

Luftwaffe (used)

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Luftwaffe: The game of aerial combat over Germany 1943-1945.

A glint of sunlight dancing on silvered wings signals the approach of enemy fighters. Like a streak of lightning, ME-109's flash through the lumbering American bombers blinking angrily with their deadly cannons. A bomber staggers from the lethal impact and plunges earthward marking its path with a plume of smoke. Mustangs jettison tanks and wing over in hot pursuit...

Re-live the exciting drama of air combat over Nazi Germany. All is as it was then except now YOU are in command in the game.

As the American commander, your mission is to eliminate key industrial complexes. YOU select the targets.... direct the bombers..... plan strategy designed to keep the Luftwaffle off balance...

As the German commander, the entire arsenal of Third Reich wonder weapons is at your disposal against the finest in American aircraft. Can YOUR military skill save Germany and change the course of history?...

Design Features hailing Luftwaffe as the ultimate in aerial combat authenticity - rules permit players to outmaneuver enemy forces, bomb factories-bases-oil targets with all the forces presented as they were in real life during 1943-45.

Condition: Good.



Condition: Used

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 12 and up
Number of Players:
Playing Time:
2 hours

Designer: Zocchi, Lou
Charles Harbaugh
Publisher: Avalon Hill


wargame, dice rolling, secret unit deployment, aviation, hex-and-counter, World War II, Lufttwaffe

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24" x 22" Full-color Aerial Mapboard of Central Europe, Over 180 Authentic, Profiled Aircraft Counters representing Geschwader and Wing sized Combat Units, Illustrated Rules-of-Play, Historical Analysis Booklet, Target Selection, Order of Appearance, Time Record Data